Island Summer Review 2: poster with detailsWorking to put on an independent show like “The Island Summer Review 2” pulls in all different directions. It’s most important to write a new, original show, and then Mark and I rehearsed things on-stage so all feels energetic. After that, there’s a round of writing news releases, making brochures and posters, and arranging for the actual advertising we can afford (thanks to The Guardian for the partnership deal).

After all that, I can see why many creative types say, “And now I’m supposed to go on social media, and try to be there as well?” It’s more time, on top of a lot of time already invested, and I can see how it risks being weird or self-serving, in the on-line cocktail conversation.


That said, I have to express my sense that engaging in social media is helpful, for independent creatives. And importantly, express my gratitude to the people who’ve helped our show with their Twitter and Facebook posts. Especially for people who spend more time on-line, social media generosity has been a main way we’ve been able to create good word– and good will– around our small show.

PEI is a small place. It’s incredible the number of times, chatting after the show, that an audience member mentions coming because someone else liked it.

This summer on PEI, the social media good will has been especially appreciated. It’s the Island’s usual summer plate, spilling over with wonderful offerings in arts and culture. Add to that some of the bigger celebrations for PEI 2014 year in Charlottetown, and it’s about enough to make a small show decide to fold up for the summer.

Facebook: Island Summer Review 2 Julie Whitlock

People who have enjoyed “The Island Summer Review 2,” and taken the time to share the word on-line, have been a real support for us. Mid-summer reviews in the paper are good. But nothing compares to hearing that a friend has liked a show, and has taken their own time to share that sense with others. It really helps people decide whether it’ll be a good night for them. It’s an authentic good-karma gift to our independent show. 

We really appreciate hearing when people have had a good time, with friends and family. That feeling is the main reason Mark and I are flailing away on-stage, and it was the hope behind Melanie and Kris Taylor creating Harmony House, in the first place.

Facebook: Island Summer Review 2 Ilona Batchelor

So thanks to the people mentioned here, and many others, for your generosity. Beyond social media, you’ve helped make all the sweat, worry, and effort of doing a show worth it.

Facebook: Island Summer Review 2 Margaret Westlie