An Islander Strikes Back

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New in 2016 …

A tiny land, on the outer lip of the known universe. A changing time, with empires flattening all places into one. And a scrappy group of misfits, who unite to fight a future they don’t even recognize yet. Sound familiar?

That’s because we’re describing Prince Edward Island.

In his new collection “An Islander Strikes Back,” Island-born author Patrick Ledwell takes a look at the world around him, and decided to highjack the trip for comic purposes. Sure, his little province is behind the mainland. But this gives Ledwell a unique perspective: being able to see exactly where the Island is going, about 10 years before it gets there.

A follow-up to his hit book “I Am an Islander,” “An Islander Strikes Back” plants its battleflag on a faultline between past and present, here and there, and releases the pressures for natural laughs. The short pieces tap into a wide range of deep-seated questions, roiling beneath the surface of things, such as “Does an aging population make me more attractive?” and “How can I possibly become alpha to my dog, when I pick up his deposits in a grocery bag?”

In “An Islander Strikes Back,” Patrick Ledwell sounds a rallying cry for comedic resistance everywhere.

Won’t you join him?