The Book

“Patrick is one of the funniest people in Canada, period.”
– Steve Patterson, Host of CBC’s The Debaters

“If Stephen Leacock and Woody Allen had a baby, they would name it Patrick Ledwell.”
– Richard Side, Creator and Producer of CBC’s The Debaters

I Am an Islander front cover

No man is a Prince Edward Island. That’s a good thing, because the tiny province is eroding a metre per year.  In his new collection of side-splitting essays, I Am An Islander, Patrick Ledwell explores the hilarity of life viewed from the country’s crumbling Eastern edge.

Raised in a big family, the Island comedian looks back at his rural roots and asks:

  • “Does living on a hobby farm mean learning to eat your pets?”
  • “Was I ostracized in high school for using words like ‘ostracized’?”

Ledwell also casts his eyes outward at the latest trends crashing into shore. Testing the changing landscape of relationships, careers, and technology, he wonders:

  • “Is there a service that can sum up a book club novel in a single Tweet?”
  • “What origami class will teach me to fold my wife’s underwear?”

I Am an Islander is a funny and heartfelt stockpile of standup, sketches, and rants, banked up to defend your good humour against everything that might erode it.

Raised on PEI, Patrick Ledwell draws on his experiences growing up in an Island family and the funny trials of staying true to his roots. Patrick’s smart, quick-witted comedy has brought him national recognition with multiple appearances on CBC Radio’s The Debaters. His comic monologues have been a regular national CBC Radio feature. Patrick has also co-created several original stage shows, including the hit Charlottetown Festival production, “Come All Ye.”

He lives outside Charlottetown PEI with his wife Tara and his son Nathaniel.