Imagine someone telling you about Christmas for the first time. So there’s a jolly fat man hurtling down from the Arctic in a magic sled, caribou-powered. In related news, the king of the world was also born this day, in a barn. How are you going to make sense of this?

2015 Island Christmas Review

For Patrick Ledwell and Mark Haines, the best way to celebrate this season is to put everything into a variety show, full of high-spirited, somehow-related Christmas songs and stories.

In “The Island Christmas Review,” Ledwell and Haines take the rollicking energy of their popular summer series at Harmony House, and set the coordinates for Christmas territory.

Join Patrick and Mark on December 11, 12, 13, and 14, at Harmony House in Hunter River.

To purchase tickets:

All shows begin at 8 PM.
Tickets can be purchased by calling the theatre at (902) 964-2255, or on-line at

Harmony House welcomes group and company bookings for “The Island Christmas Review.”

The fully-licensed, chef-driven heritage pub can host your group for food & drinks before the show. For details, contact Harmony House at

(902) 566-2255 or email
[email protected]

“The Island Christmas Review” promises a festive tour through the sights and sounds of the season, with comedy, music, and storytelling. Mark Haines will treat audiences to multi-instrumental gifts, on fiddle, guitar, and piano. Patrick Ledwell is baking up a fresh batch of holiday comedy, including tips on how to pick a perfect tree and how to avoid perfectly horrible handicrafts.

Chicken Bones

The show is as enjoyable as a box of chicken bones.

So start checking your list twice for the start of December, and book a night for “The Island Christmas Review.”

Like Christmas baking, you may not be sure what’s in it– a pound of butter or a pinch of Bailey’s. But with your friends around, and a toast in hand, it’s all pretty much guaranteed to work out nice.