The Island Summer Review 4

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Mark Haines and Patrick Ledwell: Island Summer Review

Now in its fourth season, “The Island Summer Review” is becoming a PEI tradition. When summer arrives, friends and family circle a night on the calendar, and start planning their return to Harmony House in Hunter River so they’ll catch this year’s new edition.

Featuring comedian Patrick Ledwell and musician Mark Haines, The Island Summer Review 4 will present another all-new show, bringing the audience on a different high-paced tour through PEI tastes and sensibilities.

What are the ingredients in the tradition? Ledwell and Haines cook up an original set of Island stories, with unique humour, diverse musical styles, and a crowd-pleasing blend of everything between.

“The Island Summer Review is like chowder,” says Ledwell. “The show combines ingredients that you don’t always see going together, like comedy and music, seafood and dairy. Is that a good idea? Yes, because it’ll all turn into a unique Island stew, that tastes like it was always meant to hang out together.”

The Island Summer Review 4 opens July 6th. The show will run three nights a week, each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night at 8 p.m., until September 9th.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, starting July 6

Tickets $24 plus HST, with 20%-off specials for the first 2 July weekends

For tickets, call the box office at (902) 964-2255 or buy with on-line box office

In one favorite chapter, a newscast riffs off recent, actual Island headlines. Right after that, you’re taken straight into a classic fiddle reel, hands clapping and feet pounding all the way. On the nightly menu, there are stand-up jokes, heartfelt folksongs, fiddles and trumpets, and lots of crowd participation.

Todd MacLean of The Guardian praised the show as “a joyride of standup comedy and music that might just be one of the best ways to laugh at ourselves that has ever been done on P.E.I.”
Writing about The Island Summer Review, The Guardian shares that the show “had the audience roaring.” The Buzz writes that as audience members, you “go home feeling like you’ve experienced the real spirit of the Island.”

The only rules? That the stories ring true to the Island, welcome everyone aged 10 to 90, and help you check your worries at the door.

Start rounding up your family and friends. Harmony House has whipped up a recipe for a great Island summer night, in a contemporary small hall.